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From: Karl L
Subject: HORNY GYMNASTS 3This is a story about teenage boys having sex with one another. If that is not
your cup of tea or if you are under 18, please don't read the story. It's just
a fantasy. Fantasies can be better than real life, but let real life happen to
you -- it can be just as fine.
Eddie made his way out of the hospital, unlocked his bike and hopped on. It was
only then that he remembered that while he had been fucking Charlie's face and
jerking off his beautiful teen cock, an SMS had come for him. He fished his
phone out of his pocket and pushed the necessary buttons. The message was from
Sam Almonado!
"Thought all nite how u sucked me & ben, wanna try again," the SMS said. Eddie
felt his heart skip a beat. OK! He'd only sucked on Sam's boner for a minute
or so before Ben had pulled his head back into his own Lolita Hentai
lap. Sam had just jerked
off and cum all over Eddie's back and shoulders while Ben's balls were rocketing
their contents into his mouth. Eddie smiled to himself and entered his answer:
"See u at training. Mb after?" He pressed send and then sat on his bike in the
hospital's parking lot to see if Sam was going to answer right away. He wasn't
disappointed. "Wont b able 2 concentrate on floor ex," the message said.
"LOL!" Eddie grinned. His mobile told him that it was a few minutes before
noon. Lolita Hentai Practice would start at 1:00 and continue until 5:00. He felt a little
bit hungry, so he pedaled over to a nearby McDonald's and had himself a Big Mac
with fries and a Coke. He knew that wasn't the healthiest thing in the world
for a gymnast to eat, but from time to time didn't hurt.
When he got to the gym 45 minutes later, several of his teammates were already
there, getting into their singlets. There was Bert Julian, a senior who
specialized in rings. Tom Lucas, also a senior, one of Eddie's biggest
competitors in all-around, he'd taken bronze at regionals to Eddie's silver.
The gold had gone to a kid from a school out in the suburbs, and both teenagers
were determined not to let that happen at state. Frank Oliver was a sophomore,
phenomenally talented on the vault and the parallel bars, good enough to be on
the varsity team already. Stevie Sebastian, a junior in a parallel class to
Eddie's, the school's best athlete on the horse. Brian Giorgio, a senior who
was a whiz at floor exercise and almost as good in the other disciplines. Sam
and Ben weren't there yet. It was just as well, Eddie thought to himself. He
could strip off without fear of having wood between his legs.
The other boys straggled in one by one. When Ben and Sam came in, they both
gave Eddie sunny smiles which told him that they were OK with what had happened
the night before. Sam had made that more than clear. The locker room, of
course, was not the place to discuss the matter, so they said nothing.
Practice was grueling. Coach Lambert was retiring at the end of the year, and
he was as determined as the athletes themselves to come back from state with a
crop of medals. He drove the boys mercilessly, making them repeat exercises
again and again until they could do them in their sleep. Eddie felt better than
he had felt in a long time as he went through his paces on rings, the high bar,
the parallel bars, the horse, the vault and floor exercise. It seemed that he
could do no wrong, and that won him rare praise from the coach. Coach Lambert
wasn't much for commending his charges, he always thought that they could do
just that little bit better. But when Eddie landed perfectly after his last
double back flip with spin on the floor exercise mat, Coach slapped him on the
back and said that it was the best set he'd seen Eddie do. Eddie beamed.
When practice was over, the boys trooped back to the locker room, stripped down
and got under the hot stream of the showers. As always, there was a lot of
gabbing and horseplay. These were young men at the prime of their lives, and
more than just a few of them were perfectly happy to strut their perfect bodies
around school. Where better than naked in the showers?
Like the previous evening, Eddie, Ben and Sam hung around in the showers until
the other athletes were back out in the locker room. Eddie saw that Sam's dick
wasn't exactly hard, but it wasn't completely soft, either, and Ben was rinsing
his huge tool more than seemed to be strictly necessary. Eddie recited times
tables in his head to keep himself from springing bone. He didn't suppose that
his friends Lolita Hentai would object, but he sure would feel like a dork.
When they got back to their lockers, Eddie said that he was going to go over and
see Charlie in the hospital again. He told them about how Charlie had not just
sprained his ankle, but also partly broken his wrist. Sam and Ben made the
appropriate noises of sympathy.
"You guys wanna come with me?" Eddie asked. Ben shook his head. "Can't," he
said. "It's my grandma's birthday today, and we're going out to dinner." But
Sam, knowing what he had discussed with Eddie via SMS, said that he'd be glad to
come and see Charlie with him. After that, he said, with as close to a wink as
he could present without actually winking, they might go over to his house or
Eddie's and study for the physics test they were going to have on Monday.
Ben finished Lolita Hentai
dressing first and said his goodbyes. He had to get going. When
the door closed slammed behind him, Sam looked at Eddie and said, "Maybe now?"
So Eddie told him all about what had happened with Charlie at the hospital
earlier that day, Sam rubbing his hand across the front of his jeans while he
listened. When Eddie was finished, Sam said: "You think he'll wanna go
again?" Eddie told him that Charlie had said that he wanked, as he called it,
four times a day, and Sam said "Who doesn't?" That cracked them both up, but
then Sam said, "But dude, I'm boned right now. Boned real bad."
So Eddie said, "Come over here," and ten seconds later Sam's jeans and jockstrap
were down around his ankles, and his dick was buried deep inside Eddie's mouth.
"That's it," he cooed. "That is so fuckin' awesome, dude!" Eddie took all
seven inches of Sam's dick into his mouth and tickled his low-hanging balls with
his fingertips while he did. He didn't bother to fish his dick out of his
pants, even though it was asking him to. He was pretty sure that Charlie Webber
would be horny again when he and Sam got there, and they'd have some fun.
Besides, keeping his dick in his pants meant that he could put both hands to use
on Sam. He squeezed his cock shaft, he hefted and tickled his balls, he reached
up to pinch the nipples at the top of Sam's massive pecs. That earned him a
groan of satisfaction from his teammate.The two of them were so into what they were doing that they didn't hear the
locker room opening, and they didn't hear anything until a voice said "I forgot
my ... oh, my god, what are you guys doing?!" Sam leaped back from Eddie, his
dick standing firm and hard. It was Frank Oliver, the sophomore vault and
parallel bar specialist. His eyes were as big as saucers as he stared at Sam's
dripping dick and Eddie's beet red face.
"Dude, you weren't supposed to see that," Sam said hurriedly. "I'm really
sorry, man."
Frank broke out into a grin. "I don't care, Almonato. I've been doing that
with my brother since I was eleven." He stepped closer. "Think I can have me
some of that, Eddie?"
And so Frank Oliver unbuckled his belt, dropped his jeans to the floor, and
yanked off his underwear to display what was a Lolita Hentai very nice cock for a kid just 15
years old. It wasn't as long as Sam and Eddie's, but it was fat and
mushroom-headed, with curly dark hair all around it. Frank gave it a squeeze
and waddled closer to where Eddie was sitting. "Come on," he said. "I haven't
got my rocks off in three days." It looked like he was telling the truth.
Frank's dick was literally throbbing.
Eddie bent forward and inhaled Frank's boner. If he could get his nose into Lolita Hentai Ben
Anderson's pubes, Frank's were no problem, though his dick did stretch the sides
of Eddie's mouth a bit. Eddie kept a hand on Sam's erection while he started
sucking Frank's, but then Frank said, "Get up on the bench next to Eddie, Sam --
you look like you could use some more sucking, too." So Sam stepped out of his
jeans and got up on the bench, standing alongside Eddie. Frank kept his dick in
Eddie's mouth, but turned his torso to get Sam's raging hardon in his face. He
licked the shaft from balls to tip a couple of times and then took Sam's tool in
his hand and buried it in his mouth. Sam gave an involuntary gasp of ecstasy.
Frank was the second boy to take his cock in his mouth, and Frank was just as
good as Eddie. He rested his hand on Eddie's head as it moved back and forth on
Frank's meat and stroked his short red hair. Sam felt as good as he had ever
felt. Frank was doing something with his tongue around Sam's cockhead that was
driving him half crazy with lust. He looked Lolita Hentai
down at Eddie's head bobbing up and
down on Frank's wiener and thought in the back of his brain that it had been
less than 24 hours before that he would never once have imagined that he would
have his dick out and hard in the presence of another guy, let alone two. But
he didn't care. Sam Almonato was feeling way too good to care.
Below him, Eddie's dick was demanding that it be released from its cotton sheath
like RIGHT NOW, so Eddie unzipped, raised his butt off the bench and pulled down
his jeans and jockstrap. His dick slapped against the front of his sweater, and
Frank took his mouth off of Sam's dick long enough to say, "'Bout time,
Jefferson." But that was all he said, because his erection in Eddie's mouth was
getting close to blastoff, so he redoubled his efforts on Sam. Frank had
learned quite a few tricks from his brother, who was called Evan and was four
years old than him. He knew exactly what to do to get Sam insane with lust Lolita Hentai and
ready to cum. He surreptitiously licked his index finger, and the next thing
Sam knew, that finger was poking on his butthole and then slipping inside. Sam
jumped and almost pulled out of Frank's mouth, but then he realized that the
finger in his butt was tickling him in the most excellent way, the most, most
excellent way, the ... fuck, the way that was making his balls roil and his cock
expand to the biggest it had ever been. And then Sam's entire body erupted in
fire, and he gurgled and gasped as his testicles began to empty out straight
into Frank's slurping mouth. At that same moment, Frank Oliver gave a long
moan, and his fat dick erupted into Eddie's mouth. Frank grabbed the back of
Eddie's head and rammed it into his crotch as his sperm sluiced across Eddie's
tongue and into Lolita Hentai
the back of his mouth. Eddie could feel Frank's dick dancing
around in his mouth and swallowed every drop of seed that it had to give.
When Frank stopped panting, he looked down at Eddie's crotch and then up at
Sam. "Let's get him off," he said. "You want front or back?"
Sam looked at Eddie, confused. Front or back? What did that mean?
"One of us sucks, the other one rims," Frank said. "Which one do you want?"
Sam felt himself blushing. "I never sucked a guy, and I don't even know what
rimming means."
Frank grinned. "Well, it's high time you learned how. Rimming is licking a
guy's butthole."Sam winced. Stick his face in a guy's ass? Uh, uh. But Frank told him to get
off the bench, turn around and bend over, and when he did, he almost jumped out
of his skin when the sophomore's tongue touched his butthole. Frank licked his
ass crack a couple of times and then said, "That's rimming. So you want front
or back?"
"Front, I guess," Sam said. Better to try to suck Eddie's dick than to lick his
ass. Frank's tongue on his own butt had felt fantastic, but that felt like one
step too far.
So Eddie stood up, shucked off his jeans and jockstrap, and then Sam got down on
his knees in front of him, and Frank got down on his knees behind him. Sam
looked up at Eddie with a plea in his eyes, and Eddie smiled at him. "Just do
it like I did to you," he said. So Sam took Eddie's raging boner into his hand,
took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and bent forward. Eddie's cockhead hit the
tip of his tongue and he licked at it experimentally. That wasn't so bad. He
took another Lolita Hentai breath, and then half of Eddie's dick was inside his mouth. What
did it taste like? A little bit salty, Sam guessed, but not bad. Not bad at
Eddie, like Sam, jumped a bit when the Lolita Hentai tip of Frank's tongue flitted across his
tight asshole. But it felt excellent, and when Frank's tongue started to slide
a bit inside his butthole, Eddie had to concentrate to keep from blasting a load
right there. Sam scraped his dick with his teeth a couple of times, but not too
bad, and each time he came right back up and said "Sorry" before diving back
in. Eddie was totally chuffed, as Charlie would say. It was fantastic enough
to suck Sam's cock, but to have Sam Almonado sucking his? That was somewhere
way, way beyond his wildest dreams.
It only took a couple of minutes before Eddie knew that the gig was almost up.
He whispered down to Sam, "Dude, I'm about to cum. Move aside if you don't want
it in your mouth." But Sam wasn't really even listening. His own Lolita Hentai dick was rock
hard again, and he was massaging it feverishly as Eddie's swollen cock meat slid
across his tongue again and again and again. He hadn't know what he'd been
missing! And when Eddie said "I'm cumming," Sam stayed clamped on. The first
shot of cum surprised him, and he almost pulled back, but Frank had taken all of
his cum, and he wasn't going to Lolita Hentai be any different. At the same moment, another
orgasm rocketed through his muscular body and, as the cum started to rocket from
his balls to the rocket tip of his cock, he heard Frank gasping and moaning and
knew that the sophomore was right there again, too. Both boys erupted
simultaneously, and because their dicks were close, they got cum all over each
other, Sam jetting on Frank's cock and fist, and Frank spurting on Sam's cock
and fist. Sam felt like his entire body was on fire, Eddie's cum at the back of
his mouth, and not tasting bad at all, Frank's cum slicking up his hand and his
dick. Geez, but it was hot, so hot and sexy. Sam had whacked off twice the
night before, remembering how good Eddie's mouth had felt on his boner and how
twitchy he got watching Eddie suck on Ben Anderson's big tool. But neither
orgasm had been even close to the two that he had just had with Eddie and Frank
Oliver. Not anywhere remotely close. Before he realized what he was doing, he
had his fist at his mouth, and he was licking his own sperm and Frank's to join
together with Eddie's cum on his tongue.
That was that. The three teenagers went back into the showers to wash up
again. Frank told them while they were showering that he and his brother Evan
had started messing around when Frank was eleven, which they already knew, and
that they were still doing it even though Evan was already in college and only
home every other weekend or so. He said that while he, Frank, was definitely
gay, Evan went out with girls, too. But he often told Frank that no girl ever
sucked his dick as well as his little brother did. Sam believed him.
As they Lolita Hentai
were getting dressed, the guard of the school came into the locker room
and told them that Lolita Hentai it was time to get going, because he had to lock up. The
three boys put on their coats, grabbed their bags and went outside. Frank said
that he had to get home, and off he went. Sam looked at Eddie, Eddie looked at
Sam, and they both smiled happily. They were going to the hospital to see
Charlie, and it didn't matter whether Charlie was going to be horny or not.
After the visit, they both knew, they were going to get naked together one more
time. And this time maybe Eddie would suck Sam off to an orgasm.

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